Public Highway-Rail Crossing Facts

To report on a particular crossing, call 800-848-8715. Please be prepared to furnish the following information, if available:

  • Street/highway name
  • Nearest city/town
  • Railroad mile post
  • Railroad subdivision
  • DOT Number (if available)
    Note: The DOT number is a six digit number with an alpha character at the end (Ex.: 999 999A) and is found on the blue sign mounted on the crossbuck post for a passive crossing: it may be found on either the signal mast and/or signal cabin.


The following signs are installed and maintained by the Railroad:

  • Crossbuck signs
  • Number of Track signs
  • Whistle signs
  • Emergency Notification signs

All other signs (i.e. stop signs, yield signs, advance warning signs, pavement markings) are the responsibility of the public road authority.

Crossings are sometimes referred to as highway-rail crossings or intersections.

Crossbuck signs and all other signs (i.e. advance warning signs, pavement markings) are referred to as passive warning devices.

Signals are referred to as active warning devices. Active warning devices are maintained by the railroad.