Existing Private Crossings: Buying/Selling Property or Relocating Crossings

To enhance highway-rail grade crossing safety, Union Pacific endorses the United States Department of Transportation’s goal of reducing the number of at-grade crossings, both public and private, through consolidation, elimination, grade separation and restriction of the number of new crossings installed.

Union Pacific Railroad does not permit private crossing access for property that has other reasonable access or has been landlocked by a property owner subdividing and selling parts of their property.

Existing private crossing agreements are not transferable. Parties buying property with an existing private crossing must enter into a new Private Crossing Agreement with Union Pacific Railroad to continue having legal access to their property unless the crossing is called out in the original deed or by statute.

All private crossings new, existing or to be relocated are subject to review and approval of Union Pacific Railroad. It is not expressed or implied by Union Pacific’s review of an applicants request for a private crossing that said private crossing will be approved.

As a matter of operational efficiency, some locations will not be approved for crossings because of railroad engineering and operating considerations such as passing sidings, tracks used for switching, special track work, sharp curves and other considerations.

Information on how to pursue your request can be found under Road Crossing Installation Procedures.