Parallel Roads/Highways

Key Considerations

Parallel roads must be located off the Union Pacific's right of way. Questions regarding roadways that will encroach on Union Pacific's right of way should be directed to the Public Projects Group by the agency. Encroachment on the Railroad right of way will required engineering justification.

Requests for a parallel road on any part of the Railroad’s property must be forwarded to the Public Projects Contact Center. The following information should be included with the request.

  • Detailed proposed roadway plans. 
  • Railroad and road drainage will require review and approval.
  • Proposed parallel roads with existing roadways that cross the Railroad’s track and intersect with the parallel roadway should be aligned and designed with all necessary traffic control warning devices to provide for the longest legal vehicles permitted to travel the intersecting roadway to stop at the parallel road intersection without fouling the tracks.
  • Parallel road must not restrict Railroad access to its right of way, tracks, or other facilities.
  • Any changes or alterations required of any of the Railroad’s tracks or facilities shall be at the agency’s sole expense.